The book, my life a sort of biography of my 73 years old life by Ulrich Alexander

ich moechte eine Muschel sein, tief auf dem Grunde des Ozeans Nautilus Muschel ca 200 millionen Jahre alt sagt die Nasa ein wunderbares Werk der Schoepfung

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Thinking about lows and heighs of my life

ulrich alexander
ulrich alexander
Ulrich Alexander
Ulrich Alexander


This report is dedecated to my children and my faithfull wife Petra Maria Alexander, married to me since 25 years, a good companion, secretary, mother and true friend even in "heavy waters", she cooks with great dedication her beloved Italian meals, throws great parties, birthdays, takes care of other Kids, what she cont' do? In her precious few spare moments, the cats, Stella and Shiwa, do its best to spoil her, and to keep my ego in check which, let's face it, can be a full time job.

Petra Maria you have gained my respect in nearly all fields. Thank YOU Petra for having born two beautifull Kids, Victoria and Gloria, their intelligence and instinct may guide them through their lives, and, may GOD protect them from all bad circumstances, wishes Ulrich Alexander, your husband !


My, Ulrich Alexander,s beloved mother has died. ( Marga Alexander, born at 1918 ) By the ALMIGHTY's grace she passed painless and piecefull, so notified my sister Anna Alexander, who took care of her the last years in the age of 94.

my mother

my father

my mother

She will be burried together with my late father Mr. Kurt Alexander, at Singen-Hohentwiel, our family tomb Mrs. Marga Alexander was a wonderfull mother but herself not prepared to be a mother with 20 years and this at the begin of worldwar second, the problems by and with the NAZI system and all that as young women. My mother was an orphan and grew up with her grandparents, relatively old, my father saw her at the MAY Queen ceronomies (a NAZI CREATION ) found her beautifull and married her, naturally her grandparents where happy to say "YES" because Mr. Kurt Alexander was born in 1894, a sucessfull adviser and consultant in a important Company to the NAZIS, he did not talk too much about this time to me, even in countless chess plays with me, later. I remember him well he was a very hard man to himself of highest self discipline.


Vicky, our eldest daughter, 20 years old, free-thinker, living in Berlin for her studies


Gloria, our youngest daughter a livefull, wild, young lady, a teenager in sense of the word!


I want to present incontestable, influenced by the peronality of Mr.Deng Xiao Peng the great chineese leader who impressed me very much in saying: discuss on the basis of facts only, and therefore FACTS shall be guideline of this report of my life.

my attornay : Madam Victoria Tonye



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