The book - my life fascinating period - * story of intensive work * whritten for my children or companions, who know only a part of my life and character

The book is whitten for my family members, as most of them even my wife Petra, beeing married to her since 1987, does not know exactly what has happened to me on my way during this period

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This report is dedecated to my children and my faithfull wife Petra Maria Alexander, married to me since 25 years, a good companion, secretary, mother and true friend even in "heavy waters", she cooks with great dedication her beloved Italian meals, throws great parties, birthdays, takes care of other Kids, what she cont' do ? In her precious few spare moments, the cats, Stella and Shiwa, do its best to spoil her, and to keep my ego in check which, let's face it, can be a full time job.

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